The Princess Parables Daughters of the King: 90 Devotions
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The Princess Parables Daughters of the King: 90...

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Princess Charity’s Prayer...+

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Princess Charity’s Prayer

Lord, I may be young and small, but I’ll have faith to stand up tall!


Live Like a Daughter of the King

Sometimes it seems like children have more faith than adults. It doesn’t matter to God how old you are. What matters is that you believe in him, trust him, and love him.

The Princess Parables Daughters of the King, 90 Devotions is a collection of readings covering themes that are close to a young girl’s heart—love, friendship, generosity, joy, and courage. With Scripture, reflection, prayer, and gentle words of wisdom and encouragement from the princess sisters Faith, Joy, Charity, Hope, and Grace, these devotions are sure to inspire thoughts of love and peace in every little princess’s day. Perfect for bedtime or any time of day, parents and young girls will cherish their time together reading this devotional that encourages them to live like a daughter of the King.  

Language    English
Publication Date    10/2017
Pages    192
EAN    2370007784004
UPC    9780310756217
Illustrator    Aranda, Omar

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