Sounds Of The South
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Sounds Of The South

Various Artists Compact Disc

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Track Name Preview
1. The Banks Of The Arkansas/Wave
2. Hen Duck
3. The Farmer's Curst Wife
4. Boll Weevil Holler
5. Jesse James
7. Kenny Wagner
8. Trouble So Hard
9. Baptizing Scene
10. Is There Anybody Here That Lov
11. Windham
12. Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Bu
13. Come On, Boys, Let's Go To The
14. Join The Band
15. Lucky Holler
16. I Be So Glad When The Sun Goes
17. Cotton Eyed Joe
18. Big Tilda
19. Jennie Jenkins
20. John Henry
21. Rosewood Casket
22. Silly Bill
23. Big Ball In Boston
24. Chilly Winds
25. The Old Hickory Cane
26. John Brown
27. Poor Ellen Smith
28. Shady Grove
1. Jim And John
2. The Wild Ox Moan
3. Been Drinkin' Water Out Of A H
4. All Night Long
5. Shake 'Em On Down
6. Levee Camp Reminiscence
7. Chevrolet
8. Levee Camp Holler
9. Eighteen Hammers
10. Drink On Little Girl
11. Drop Down Mama
12. Boogie Children
13. She Lived Her Life Too Fast
14. Sittin' On Top Of The World
15. Cool Water Blues
16. She Don't Love Me That Way
17. Stop Breaking Down
18. Joe Lee's Rock
19. Bullyin' Well
20. When You Get Home, Write Me A
21. Red Cross Store
22. Forrest City Jump
1. Death, Have Mercy
2. I Want Jesus To Walk With Me
3. Jesus Is Real To Me
4. I Love The Lord
5. A Sermon Fragment
6. I'm Going Home On The Mornin'
7. Power
8. On That Rock
9. Jesus On The Main Line
10. I'm Gonna Sail Like A Ship On
11. Blow Gabriel
12. What Do You Think About Jesus
13. Tribulations
14. When I Get Home
15. The Poor Wayfaring Stranger
16. Baptizing Down By The Creek
17. Sermon And Lining Hymn
18. Antioch
19. Calvary
20. Please Let Me Stay A Little Lo
21. Father, Jesus Loves You
22. Lonesome Valley
23. Father Adieu
24. The Old Country Church
25. The Cabin On The Hill
1. Johnson's Old Gray Mule
2. My Little Rooster
3. Whoa Mule
4. Frog Went A-Courtin'
5. Glenn's Chimes
6. Chick-A-Li-Lee-Lo
7. Old Joe Clark
8. Go Tell Aunt Nancy
9. Train III
10. Johnny Cuckoo
11. Mama Buy Me A Chiney Doll
12. Soldier, Soldier
13. Mary Mack
14. Hambone
15. Banging Breakdown
16. Green Sally, Up
17. Sometimes
18. The Arkansas Traveler
19. Paper Of Pins
20. The Little Dappled Cow
21. Go To Sleep Little Baby
22. Paddy On The Turnpike
23. Jimmy Sutton
24. Liza Jane
25. Oree
26. Train Time
27. Freight Train Blues
28. This Little Light Of Mine
29. Motherless Children
30. Little Moses
Width    0.39
Height    5.7
Length    5
UPC    603497938605

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